51 Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid: Structural and Grammatical Mistakes

Are you a writer or planning to make writing your career? The current era is about bloggers and writers. Most of the people are interested in becoming a writer, be it passion or profession. But it’s not that easy job, apart from the thought process, you could make some tiny yet silly writing mistakes. Thus, I curated some most common and silly mistake that you should avoid…

  1. Use Of Company Name

Mention company name in full.

Use company name and not ‘they’.

Example: ArticleWbbies is the fastest growing writing company in the world. It has a team of native writers.


  1. Shortened words

Don’t use SMS language- thru, mgmt, lib etc.

Use full and right spelling when content writing.

  1. Use of Very

‘Very’ stresses product and service’s quality.

Conveys Inaccuracy.

Example: You can drive this car very fast. It has a very powerful engine.

Right Sentence: you can drive this car up to 100mile per hour speed. It has powerful 2.4-litre V8 engine.

  1. Repetition of words

Don’t use a word more than once in a sentence

Example: This bike is one of the fastest bikes in the world and it is not available in any other bike showroom.

  1. Use of ampersand (&) 

“&” is ‘and’ only if part of name or acronyms.

Don’t use ‘&’ instead of ‘and’.

No space between letters when ampersand used

Example: AT&T (Name)

R&D (Accepted Acronym)

  1. Hyphen and dash usage

Hyphen connects two words

Dash separates two words

Example: (Hyphen) Web-enabled

(Dash)  Mr. Peter – the CEO of IT firm – will reveal new software soon.

  1. Numbers

Use full form for one to nine

Figures for 10 and more

Put in commas and decimal

Use ‘M’ for millions and ‘K’ for thousands

Don’t mention “ly” in ordinal numbers like firstly, secondly etc.

  1. Frequent Changes of Persons

Stick to either with first, second or third person otherwise reader gets confused.

  1. Don’t switch tenses often

Don’t change tenses frequently.

Use one tense throughout article

  1. Use Active Verbs

Use active verbs to keep sentence easy

Most verbs used in both active and passive

Use verb instead of noun

Make sentence direct and simple with single verb

  1. Too much hype

Readers reject promotional content

Are interested in having knowledge and information

Refrain from writing which shows as if you are selling something

  1. Proofread for accuracy

Keep an Eagle’s eye for Errors after composing your final draft.

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