7 Simple Oral Care Advices for Your Infants

Most of parents avoid caring for their toddler who has teeth, while dentist always ask to care for even single tooth. It’s important to keep oral problems away from your child’s mouth and start brushing his/her tooth at the early stage. Avoiding tooth care can lead to oral problems and may you be shocked to know that over 40% kids have tooth decay just because of their parents take it lightly.

If you don’t want to let it happens with your toddler you need to take care of his/her teeth from today. Here are some simple advices for your infants…

Start Caring Early

You should visit to a dentist, once your child has completed his/her first year. As early your child will see dentist that much less tooth problems he/she will face in his/her life. It would not cost you high amount rather you would save money. According to a report early care cost 40% lower than who start caring over five year.

Make Brushing and Flossing A Habit

Teach your baby, how to brush and floss, make this a habit. Visiting dentist is important, but regular brush and floss can prevent your child teeth from several diseases.

Don’t think that he/she has only one or two teeth, from the very first day you should start brushing your baby’s teeth. You can care for your baby’s gums even before he/she has teeth, you can clean them gently using water or soft toothbrush or a soft washcloth.

Once your baby gets additional teeth, start brushing them twice in a day using fluoridated toothpaste. And when two teeth start touching each other you can start flossing, but first, ask your dentist to show right technique.


Ask your dentist for the right advice when you can start using mouthwash. It rinses and not beverage so wait until the child can spit the mouthwash out. It advisable to wait till the child is not able to tie his/her shoes or write in cursive.

Avoid “Baby Bottle Decay”

Dentists and pediatricians always ask parents to not put their baby down for a nap with bottle of milk, juice, or formula. But people don’t realize that it can create oral problems. These sugary liquids stick to baby’s teeth and provide food to prevent bacteria in the baby’ mouth. This trigger tooth decay and if you left it unchecked, oral problems can adversely affect your baby’s growth and even can affect speech.

It’s better to use plain water in the bottle while taking your baby to bed; this will not affect your baby’s mouth anyway.

Avoid the Sippy Cup

Bottles to bed are not the only issue, juice and other water substitutes can also become food for bacteria. Most parents use sippy cup to give such liquids to their child, when he/she learning to use regular cup. However they think that juice is healthy, though they are right but this is not the issue.

When child drink juice or sugary beverages from the cup, it affects teeth. Oral problems start rising and can lead to decay on the teeth.

Drop the pacifier by 2 or 3

Using pacifier prevents sudden infant death syndrome but use them when the infant is going to sleep. Never reinsert it again while the baby is asleep. Also, avoid using it for a longer time, it can affect dental health and strong sucking can affect teeth line up and mouth shape.

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It’s good to drop using a pacifier by the age 2 and if habit goes for over three years then take help of professional.

Beware of Sugary and Flavored Medicines

Children like sugary and flavored medicines, but it can stick on teeth and increase the risk of tooth decay. If your child is suffering from any chronic disease as, like asthma or heart problems, sugar or flavored medicines can increase the rate of tooth decay. Discuss this issue with your dentist and he/she will suggest you about how often you should brush your child’s teeth.

Start caring your child teeth from the very first day; it will help him/her to get a beautiful smile for life. Chance of oral problems will be less with a healthy mouth.

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