Beware! Competitor has an Eye on Your Google Rankings

Much has been said about the two little yet mighty devils of Google- Panda and Penguin. Some businesses vanished into thin air because of the aftermath these devils spread, while others braved the storm and are still trying to stand tall. Amidst all the preparations they did and planned for the future, they had an indirect fear of a drop in ranks due to their rivals. Yes, this is a truth- competitors have an eagle’s eye on your rankings.

How this can be done is anyone’s guess. Negative SEO is that master key that your rival will use to drastically affect your Google rankings. When these updates were rolled out, a scenario was created wherein the playing field for White-Hat SEO strategists was even. It is because Google had in mind the aim to punish the spammers. In the wake of negative SEO, the definition of how do SEO was changed.

Some Words about Negative SEO

The process of link building that involves creating spammy and low-quality backlinks to the rival’s site is known as negative SEO. It is done to degrade the competitor’s site in the eyes of Google. When its reputation will go down, quite obviously Google will decrease the site’s rankings. Every unwanted link to your site contributes to just one thing- lowering your website’s reputation.

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When you contact Google and tell them about these negative links then they will at once ask you to remove it. This means these spammy links have an adverse effect on your rankings. So, what is the solution and how can you get back the lost rankings.

There are two ways in which the solution can be had- either work for many years and get quality backlinks from reputed sites or open a ferocious negative campaign against your competitor. When you adopt the latter way, you will once again move ahead in rankings for your chosen keyword.

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Negative SEO Practices

The webmasters adopting the negative SEO practices are the mastermind who takes help of multiple practices to build low-quality links. Given below are some of the practices that are counted in negative SEO.

  • Make and point hundreds and thousands of links with matching anchor text for precisely matching query to dodge Google’s over optimization penalty.
  • Purchase domains that are de-indexed and direct them to your rivals.
  • As soon as you detect spammy links pointing to your competitor’s site then fill out Google’s spam report. And, wish that Google takes some action to decrease or delist them.
  • Create innumerable spammy links in a day and point them to competitor’s site. This would definitely appear unnatural to Google and also fire the over optimization penalty against your rival.

Webmasters, Dodge the Negative SEO with Confidence

When it comes to dodging the negative SEO, there is not much you can do. I say this because you can take action only after you are confirmed about negative SEO has done its effects on you. There is hardly anything you can do to avoid it. This is because you can’t control the actions of your competitors when you don’t know what will be their next step.

Here are some suggestions you can implement to evade this nasty SEO campaign.

  • Be aware of your links and link structure. It will be to your benefit to remember the famous saying prevention is better than cure.
  • Make it sure that you have more of natural and authoritative links as this would make it hard for spammy links to cast their spell.
  • Now, what about anchor text? Well, you have to keep an eye on it also. Uneven anchor text profile and nasty links will make you a soft target of the negative SEO campaign.
  • Make the most out of the best SEO practice and that is to publicize every page. You can share, like, ping it on the social media and make your presence felt.
  • Take care of the social signals. Work out on them as they are the strongest pillars that will give you strength to move forward.
  • Include positive reviews online about your business. More of these will help you in fighting against this negative SEO.
  • Own your listings on every citation source. This will keep you in control of your listings and never let anyone else claim it.


Just wish that Google gets some more sense and brushes up its conscience in tackling this problem. This should just be in time before negative SEO controls the positive scenario. Do your best and have an eagle’s eye on your link structure.

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