Can’t India Think for Better Energy Sources

I belong to a place where electricity is being generated, in which one is hydropower plant and another is thermal. Hydro is a green way to get electricity but in thermal plants, they burn coal to boil water to get the electricity. I am not sure whether my idea will work perfectly or not. But I am sure if Prime Minister of India, Modi Ji, would ask his engineers to turn my Idea into reality, it would not only help us to get green energy as well as be able to supply water to drought areas of Maharashtra and other states.

I have a simple idea and I guess, a team of engineers will be able to turn it into reality. Just, I want to use Sun instead of coal to boil the water. As like we use a solar cooker, we can use some mirrors to centralize Sun’s heat towards boiler. Collective solar heal would be able to heat up water quickly and produce steam out of it. As like thermal power plants, the steam energy can be used to produce electricity.

This way we not only save coal as well as save our nature from heavy pollution. 

Now, instead of using river water that can be used to drink or irrigation of land or corps; we can use ocean water in the boiler. Once burnt, this will not only produce steam to generate electricity, also we can naturally cool down the steam to convert it into the quality water to be used to drink or irrigation. Additionally, we would get salt, which I am not sure would be eligible to eat or not.

It will enable to supply the water to the districts that are fighting from drought.

Using the simple solar power and sea water, our government can change our environment as well as lives. We all fear from pollution and increasing water levels of the sea. I know it’s like picking some drops out of the ocean, thus it won’t affect sea’s water levels but it will help effectively get green energy plus saving lives from drought.

I am not sure whether my Idea is good or bad, but I guess its possible, let me know your thoughts.

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