Link Building Strategy For a New Website

In the current marketing scenario, having a website is essential for any business. Online presence has become essential in the wake that every business is having one. If you want to keep your business ahead in the competition, do not waste time in having a website and using link building services for channeling more visitors on it.

Especially after the Google updates, it has become essential that the strategy you adopt for the promotion of your website should be legitimate. This is the reason why Google and other search engines are keeping a vigil eyes, especially on new websites to see what kind of linking and promotional strategies they adopt. Here is a list of things that you should do for effective link building strategy

Have a professional website

The first step is to have a professionally designed website. If you have a good, fully functional website then your website will get natural links by itself. The first thing to take care of web design is its functionality. Make sure that all the links are functioning properly and every page is accessible with the buttons provided. Secondly, the navigation of your website should be seamless.

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Every search engine gives preference to a website that gives favorable browsing experience to its visitors. The navigation of your website should be such that a person can be able to reach any part of the site within 2 to 3 clicks. Thirdly, make sure that if you are providing online sale, then all of the components are working properly. The basic principle is that you will get natural links if your users are having a good experience on your website.

Provide a website map

If you want to have both inbound and external links it is necessary to have a site map. It not helps the users but also helps search engines to index your website. With a site map, you can do inbound linking so that the users do not face problem in reaching from one part to other. Also with inbound links, you can efficiently connect and correlate all the parts of your website. You can link all the pages in your website to the home page under various categories so that the user does not have to waste time when he wants to visit a particular part of your website.

Go for press release

A press release or PR can be used to announce your web presence, a new product that you launch, your profits, apologies and just about anything that looks like news and you want your readers to know. Make sure that you write a formal and impactful piece of news. However, the most important thing is the platform on which you post the news. The platform should be trusted source of news and have the huge readership.

You can provide links to your website in the press release so that when a visitor reads the PR, you get huge readership. This will increase your brand value and people will naturally link to you if they find your website impressive and informative for the user.

Hire a professional company for link building

There are many companies that provide link building service. The company will help you in getting external links and bring more visitors to your website. It is essential to note that the strategies that your link building company adopts are authentic and legitimate. Here are a few things that you should for in a link building company-

Uses legitimate ways

After search engine updates like Google Penguin update, it is essential that you do not resort to unnatural links. Such links make your website vulnerable to be penalized by search engines. Chances are that they may even block your website. This can be detrimental to your business reputation and brand value.

Does not promise overnight results

A slow strategy for link building is considered to be the best one. It looks natural to the search engines and thus improves your website reputation with the engines. A company that offers too good to be true results is definitely going to use black hat practices attracting punishment from search engines. The best strategy is to go slow for first three months and then start increasing the frequency of external links.


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