How to Measure the Impact of Your SEO Campaign

The SEO services help to bring in greater visibility to a website. The high-impact website proves very crucial in accomplishing perfect business results. The journey to reach this level can be a tricky task. But, this can be made easy as well through the proper application of SEO. The visibility of a website can be enhanced with more and more people interaction to your business website. For this, you need to apply the right techniques in a perfect manner. It is also important to analyze the results you get. With proper analysis, you may lose track and not accomplish what you want.

You should know whether the chosen SEO packages are working and delivering results or not. There are some key metrics to analyze this. You can measure the SEO Impact by the following ways…

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Page Rank

The page rank immediately indicates whether your SEO campaign is going ahead on the right track or not. In case a business website is at top five positions for the most relevant type of keywords, then it has attained visibility and it is likely to get traffic. The SEO companies apply many strategies to signal the relevance of the website’s content onto particular keywords. Such strategies tend to optimize the website content, features, form, plus meta-data for catching the attention of search engine algorithm. The page rank is able to reflect the progress made by your website much accurately.


Web Traffic

The increased web traffic should be the prime goal of search engine optimization. The SEO companies emphasize on two increased traffic sources – organic search as well as paid advertising. The organic search one needs a proper approach. The SEO designs the website to appeal to the standards codified within search engines algorithm. The successful SEO campaign would raise the sites page rank for the crucial keywords to draw greater web traffic. Several SEO companies combine such strategies to the pay-per-click service on the relevant keywords. This ensures that their clients see top billing for search results.

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The visitors arrive at a website searching for information on any thing. The successful SEO campaign tends to generate web traffic through optimizing the website for the relevant keywords. The targeting of right keywords would ensure the visitors are interested in that site. People would stay and explore the website. Finally, they may make a purchase as well to get you results. The number of page views for every visitor measures their interest level. You get to know what exposure the website is getting. The badly done SEO may, in contrast, get high traffic onto a wide array of the keywords but tend to lose visitors immediately when they find that the website is not matching their requirements to click away.

Average Time Spent On Website

When you know the average time for which the visitors stay on your website then it gives a good idea. The average time every visitor spends onto the website is a metric to gauge the quality of web traffic. The SEO companies can use such a data for optimizing the website’s content plus format for the usability. For instance, the reporting programs might drill down deeper to find the length of the time spent onto different pages. This way you get an insight of the utility as well as relevance for different sections of the website.

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