Philips announces smart headphones and neckbands with one touch Google Assistant and Active Noise Cancellation

Philips four new headphones and neckbands loaded with Google Assistant and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). The newly launched model will be available across leading online and offline channel partners from January 2020 at INR 13,990. This is a quick addition to the recently launched TAPN505 neckband with the same features at INR 11,990. Other recent trendy offerings under the performance range include the Bluetooth TAPH802 and TAPN402 headphones.

An over-ear wireless active noise canceling headphone, the TAPH805 sports 40 mm drivers, 30 hours play time, rapid charge, touch controls, and a built-in mic with echo cancellation for clear audio. Also equipped with Google Assistant and Active Noise cancellation, the device is a feature loaded offering for millennials.

The device packs a punch with its deep bass, and when paired with Hi-Res Audio – it picks up on a wider range of frequencies than regular devices so the listener can hear every note – exactly as the artist had intended. The soft ear-cups give the user maximum comfort, and can be folded neatly into two configurations.

They can either be folded flat, perfect for storing in an office drawer or it can be folded inwards creating a compact bundle that fits into coat pockets and bags. Aside from these headphones having a multi-function button, it also supports touch controls. For example, you can control volume by swiping up/down on the ear-housing. You can also cycle through noise cancelling mode or “Awareness Mode” with just a simple tap. Lastly, the Google Assistant can be triggered by covering the right ear cup.

The TAPN505, a lightweight, flexible neckband comes equipped with features like magnetic ear-tips, Google Assistant and Active Noise Cancellation. With 14 hours play time plus quick charging, this product offers to make users’ listening experiences seamless. Along with listening to music, one can open the calendar, read notifications from the phone, call or send messages to friends, manage playlists, and more without having to take out their phone thanks to the Google Assistant.

With a sleek design, Philips TAPH802 Hi-Res Audio wireless headphones which come at INR 10,990 sport 30 hours play time for an enjoyable commute with balanced and detailed sound. On the other hand, the Philips TAPN402 earphones (which come at INR 7,990) with IPX4 and vibration mode come with a slim neckband to match consumers’ comfort and convenience. With 14 hours play time and rapid charge users can sink in to their music without any disturbance.

The products are available across leading online and offline channel partners in the country. Philips Audio’s current retail presence is spread across 35000+ stores with more than 200 distributors. There are also plans to enhance the robust after sales network with a target of doubling the current service centers count.


Product Features across the performance range include –


Form Factor On-Ear Headphone In-Ear Neckband On-Ear Headphone In-Ear Neckband
Bluetooth 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0
Noise Cancellation Active Active Passive Passive
Google Assistant Yes Yes No No
Hi-Res Audio Yes Yes Yes Yes
Play Time 30 hours (25 with ANC) 14 hours (10 with ANC) 30 hours 14 hours
Quick/Rapid Charging 5 min charge give you 2 hours play 5 min charge give you 2 hours play 5 min charge give you 2 hours play 5 min charge give you 2 hours play
Wired Listening Yes Yes Yes Yes
Touch Controls Yes No No No
IPX4 Splash-proof Design No No No Yes
Vibration Mode No No No Yes
MRP 13,990 11,990 10,990 7,990

Active Noise Cancellation combined with passive sound insulation

Built-in 4 noise-cancelling microphones, effectively blocks low frequency noise.

Google Assistant

Read notifications, call or send messages to friends, manage playlists and more without taking out the phone.

Hi-Res Audio

Twinkling pianos. Blistering rock. Whatever you love, Hi-Res Audio headphones let you feel the full impact of every note. When wired to a Hi-Res source, you’ll get the full benefit of lossless audio that is recorded at a higher sample rate than CDs for a brilliantly lifelike performance.

Rapid/Quick Charging

Two levels of fast charging – Rapid Charge and Quick Charge will give you an extra 2 or 6 hours play time. So, you can keep listening all day and beyond. A full recharge will take a short 1.5 hours.

Noise and echo cancellation

No more of those annoying echoes when you are talking on the phone. With acoustic echo cancellation, you always get a clear, undisturbed connection.

Compact, Flat-folding design (TAPH805/TAPH802)

These wireless headphones boast soft ear-cups that fold neatly in two configurations. You can fold them flat, perfect for storing in your office drawer or the included carrying pouch. Or you can fold them flat and inwards, creating a compact bundle that fits into coat pockets and bags.

Slender, flexible neckband with magnetic ear-tips (TAPN505/TAPN402)

The neckband sits comfortably around your neck. Vibration Mode ensures you won’t miss a call even if you’re deep into your music or have the earbuds around your neck.

Smooth, adjustable headband (TAPH805/TAPH802)

Soft ear-cup cushions cover your whole ear, creating a seal that passively isolates external noise. The headband is light, easily adjustable, and smooth: there’ll be no getting these headphones tangled in your hair.

Touch control (TAPH805)

Control volume by swiping up or down on the ear-housing touch control panel. You can activate or deactivate Active Noise Cancelling with a single tap. Or engage Awareness Mode to hear more of the world around you while the music keeps playing.

IPX4 Splash-proof design (TAPN402)

These headphones boast an IPX4 rating, which means they are resistant to sustained wetting. Whether it’s an important call or your wind-down playlist, you can keep listening in the rain.

All four wireless Bluetooth headphones come with line-in port which enables continuous wired listening – even if the battery is drained. Once first-time pairing is complete, Bluetooth 5.0 ensures they always connect to the last device they were paired to – so for personal use, these are ideal as the connection happens instantly.

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