Top 5 Open Source Servers and Network Monitoring Tools for Linux Network Administrator

You did set-up the server and network perfectly, yet you need to monitor it on a regular basis to keep it running smoothly. Several server and network monitoring tools are available, which can help a network administrator to monitor all kinds of system resources including the CPU load, Memory Usage, network traffic, status of all devices connected to the network or in providing instant notifications to the admin when it detects any abnormal or suspicious activity.

There are numerous options, but you need the best that can fit your requirements. We have analyzed the top 7 open source server and network monitoring tools for Linux administrators…

Nagios Core

Looking for a flexible and scalable option! This is a perfect choice which is designed with a focused, extensible architecture. Nagios Core has the ability to check scheduling, execution, processing, event handling, and alerting. Various rich add-ons are available to scale up the features, including configuration frontends, performance graphing, auto-discovery, and distributed monitoring, among others.


The open source tool comes with enterprise-class real-time monitoring. It is one of the perfect solutions for performance monitoring, agent-less monitoring, collection of any data and more. Having the extended scalability, the tool can monitor up to 100,000 devices up to 1,000,000 of metrics. The open source tool can be used for both non-commercial and commercial use for free.


It is a great data collection frontend to RRDTool. It collects all the necessary information including user permissions, user access to certain charts and also helps in building complex graphs and storing data securely in a MySQL database. It stores all the essential information and create graphs and populate them with data in a MySQL database. It comes with the built-in user-based management tool to manage users.


For Linux environment, Icinga is one of the perfect tools to monitor all the network devices. It comes with an instant alert for suspicious activities. The enterprise-grade tool is a perfect fit for network admins to monitor servers and monitoring systems across a large network environment. It is suitable for all sizes with the integrated cluster system secured by SSL. It comes with various integrated popular DevOps tools as well as you can extend Icinga to meet your network requirements.

Zenoss Core

Another great open source tool designed for an enterprise network. Zenoss Core comes loaded with various features to monitor and address all their network issues easily. The free tool is a perfect fit for small business as well as large enterprise as it’s architected specifically for modern IT infrastructures with added flexibility to choose the option that’s right for you.

These are 5 best open source tools for Linux administrators. We will come back soon with another set of top tools available for free yet packed with numerous useful features. Stay tune…

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