How to Treat Acne Fast and Naturally?

Are you Suffering from Tiny Eruptions i.e. Acne? Or Don’t Know the Right Procedure to treat Acne? There are numerous ways for acne treatment, but you need to choose the perfect one that never harms you in any manner. Read on to find how you can treat acne in a natural and easy way.

Acne and its Causes

Before you begin to treat, you must know the causes, as prevention is always better than cure. Acne appears as red bumps, congested pores or boils. Blocked hair follicle due to excess sebum secretion results in acne.


  • Heredity
  • Hormones
  • Follicle Fallout
  • Stress
  • Excess Secretion of Sebum

When to begin Acne Treatment?

May a few people argue to begin on the very first day, but it’s not necessarily important. You better start…

  • When acne bothers you
  • When this sore becomes scarring
  • When acne flames unexpectedly
  • When mild acne refuses to go away
  • When acne appears just before you have to go out

Make the right decision to start treating acne.

DIY Tips to Prevent Acne

No magic is going to happen, you need to change yourself. Alter lifestyle and have regular sleeping patterns and healthy diet. Do remember; don’t pop or squeeze pimples.

Focus on opening pores, killing bacteria reducing oil.

Opening Pores: Use masques, mild cleansers, retinol and exfoliating cleansers to open the blocked skin pores.

Killing Bacteria: Apply topical applications (creams, gels and lotions etc.) and antibacterial cleansers

Reducing Oil: Apply mild toner or astringent to wipe off extra oil. Some exfoliating products have alpha hydroxy acid or glyoxylic acid that peel off your skin. Masks having sulfur drain out extra oil from your skin.

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Basic Skin Routine to Follow Daily

Follow this simple skin routine and prevent acne.

  • Clean your face with 5% benzoyl peroxide solution. 2% salicylic acid for one’s allergic to benzoyl peroxide.
  • Put 5% benzoyl peroxide based cream or gel. Alternative for this: resorcinol and sulfur.
  • Put sulfur based spot cream on acne at night.
  • Apply only oil-free water based makeup and mild moisturizer.

Natural Treatment for Acne

  • Wash face two times with acne soap
  • Consume effective multi-vitamin
  • Avoid makeup
  • Wash pillow case
  • Apply honey based mask twice a week
  • Consume chromium in your diet
  • Include zinc rich foods in your diet
  • Don’t let hair fall on your face
  • Don’t forget to consume carrots (these are the natural source of Vitamin A that helps in skin tissue solidification and decreases sebum manufacture.)

If you maintain healthy skin routine, then it will be quite easy to defeat Acne.

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