ZOOOK Rocker ThunderBudsTWS Earphones: Offering the longest-ever battery life of upto 100 hrs

ZOOOK has announced – Rocker ThunderBuds TWS earphones. The earphones come with a super-extended battery life of 100 hrs.

ZOOOK earphones are powered by a 3200 mAh battery and come with a high-quality charging case that can charge the earphones up to 25 times. The stylish earphones have dual microphones and each bud can be used individually.

ZOOOK Rocker ThunderBuds TWS earphones showcase an attractive Touch Control design to perform multiple functions such as Play, Pause, Re-dial, Voice assistant activation, Next and Previous.

Rocker ThunderBuds TWS earphones offer Bluetooth connection and have an ergonomic design that fits ears comfortably. The newly-introduced earphones are durable and stylish and are specially designed to suit the demands of the young generation. It is compliant with IPX5 and is sweat/water-resistant. The device is also enabled with voice assistant support from Siri and Ok Google to stand face to face with demands of a digital age.

Rocker ThunderBuds TWS earphones are packed with Deep Bass with HD Sound, and Bluetooth 5.0 enabled. The earphones come with a high-quality charging case designed carefully to bear the normal wear and tear due to excess usage. Also, there is a battery level indicator, which makes Rocker ThunderBuds TWS earphones stand out in the entire Thunder series by ZOOOK.

Mr. Achin Gupta, Country Head-India, ZOOOK excitingly quoted on the launch, “Rocker ThunderBuds TWS earphones are beyond the normal range of earphones that customers are purchasing today. They have been launched to cater to the customers who demand a non-negotiable sound quality. We have also ensured that the charging case with the earphones provides exceptional support to give maximum uptime to the users. Rocker ThunderBuds TWS earphones stand out for being comfortable, portable and offer great quality each time. At ZOOOK, every product from our house is aimed to fulfill modern-age demands and Rocker ThunderBudsTWSis a shining example of the same.”

Rocker ThunderBuds TWS earphones are part of the brand’s flagship series called Thunder. The earphones are priced at Rs. 2,999/- and offer the best quality of usage across the existing product categories in the market. You can buy one for yourself from leading online and offline stores.

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