4 Easy Ways to get help in Windows 10

Have you upgraded to Windows 10 recently or bought a new notebook with latest Windows operating system and struggling to get familiar with? It’s common problem when people use new OS. Windows announced its final OS Win 10 with a promise to get all the updates, on the same hand it tried to make it more user-friendly. Still get confused with some functions and majorly users are looking for help option.
You can quickly get help in Windows 10, even faster than previous versions like most popular Win 7. Microsoft added several support options to make it easy for every user, here you get to know about 5 ways to get help in Windows 10 operating system.

The F1 Key

Whatever program you are using, be it the browser, game or any other application; the F1 key will help you with all. Yes, the F1 key is integrated into the OS for finding help. But if you are looking for any specific Windows 10 help then it won’t be much useful as it also does the Bing search or internal search available within the application, and in some cases, it won’t be enough as you can do the same on Bing or Google.

Cortana is there for Help

Want to be lazy! You can be with Cortana. It is there for your help that works with both type and voice. The assistant can help you to understand basic issues with Windows 10. It can help you with keyboard shortcuts, moreover, can find right video solution to your questions.

Microsoft Support app

You get that right, Microsoft added a dedicated support app. The app acts like you are interacting with Microsoft representative. The built-in app can be found by pressing Start button.

Call or Chat with Microsoft

In case, you are not satisfied with the help you get from above-given options, then only one person can help you – Microsoft representative. You can contact the Microsoft support team via call or chat anytime.

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