Web Hosting Plan

Web Hosting Plan

8 Features to Look Before Choosing Web Hosting Plan

Choosing the right hosting company should be one of the main criteria in your overall website strategy. There are lots of companies in the market offering hosting service. You might get confused while considering their different offerings. While preparing for the digital world, you must have to understand the requirements to keep your website up and running. Following are key points to keep in mind before selecting a plan for your website:

Space and Bandwidth

You need to understand your requirements about space and bandwidth. A personal website needs less than a professional/business website. You will encounter hosting company offering unlimited space and bandwidth but before choosing unlimited plan consider your requirement. Consider other important factors before taking a decision.

website hosting bandwidth

Email Accounts

Some web hosting companies are providing unlimited email addresses. If you are going to use your website for the business that requires many email address then unlimited would be a great choice. On the other hand, for personal use, you don’t require the unlimited email address, so consider your need. You may never need more than 20 email addresses, choose a plan accordingly.

Technical Support

What modes of support are available? Whether you are a new or experienced person in hosting and website handling, it might possible you need help at some places. Also, the technical issue can arrive anytime. Companies are now offering live chat, toll-free number, email, etc. modes for any technical support. Remember technical support is something that you may need at any point of time. Thus, your hosting company should have an arrangement for 24X7 technical supports.

Tech Support


‘Costly or expensive service provider would be great’ few people follow this but it’s not true every time. You can get good services at cheaper cost. Consider your requirement and search how many companies are providing. Compare them to find the best and cheap one.


You can visit few forums and discussion boards to know about the experience of a hosting company from fellow users. Keep an eye on the feedback that a user is leaving on forums and other places. It should give you an indication of their quality service and reputation of the company.

Physical Office

Always look for the physical office address of the company. The presence of it will mean that the concerned hosting company is seriously in the business. You can click on Contact Us section of the website to know about it.


Check web hosting company’s website most of them will claim to provide more than 99% of uptime. It is not easy to verify their claim. Before selecting a hosting plan, you can ask them to provide information about uptime. They must have a mechanism to monitor it which may help you to judge the company.

Technical Issues

You should research more on some technical issues of the company. Be aware of C-Panel, One Click Installment, File Transfer issues, among others. You should read the feedback of other users to know about these technical details.

These are some key points which you must consider before selecting a website hosting plan. Always remember the success of your website also depends on your hosting platform.

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