9 Excellent Tools for Picking a Domain Name

One of the hardest plus important steps to make your web presence is choosing a domain-name. A perfect name can help to establish your web presence easily, on the other hand, you can lose your popularity with the non-relevance name. Various tools are available that can help you to choose a perfect website URL for your business/ blog. Let’s find out some excellent tools…



Website: https://domainr.com/

Choosing a perfect website name with popular .com, .net and .org, TLD’s is not an easy task. But with Domainr you can explore other TLD’s. Whether you are looking for short or for the long name, innovative web tool Domainr will help you to search out from the crowd. This web tool includes most popular site URL, which is available. You just need to put your keyword of idea for your domain and it will show you possible choices.



Website: www.dotomator.com

You can get the best suggestions for your website name with Dot-o-mator web tool. You need to input your keyword or ideas and placement details. The web tool blends your ideas into a combination based suffixes, prefixes or even web 2.0 heavy words.

Also, you can get suggestions for site name via using category of suffixes such as hardware or web 2.0 and prefixes such as games or tech to generate suggested website name.



Website: www.nameboy.com

Nameboy is a popular website name generator. This straightforward web tool asks for a “Primary Word” and “Secondary Word” that describe the topic of your website, and based on your input, it suggests possible site names.

For example, typing in “web” as the Primary Word and “superman” as the Secondary Word returned results such as webhero, supeweb and supermanweb. There’s a “Rhyme” option that tries to suggest domain names that rhyme with the search phrases, but the feature didn’t seem to work on the above example.

Domain Tools

Website: http://www.domaintools.com/

Domain Tools is a set of site name search engines that will help you uncover relevant information about certain domain-names. They have a “Whois” search that reveals records about the party who registered the website, a “Suggestions” search to help you find similar domain-names, a “Domain Search” which shows you what TLDs of a domain name is available, and domain-names that are “For Sale” or “At Auction”.


Website: www.domize.com

Domize is a fast, Ajax-based search engine that you can use to rapidly check the availability of domains. Domize has a widget that you can install on your website to provide a domain search engine to your visitors. Domize also has an iPhone app – because domain name inspiration can hit you at any time (hopefully you have your iPhone with you when it happens).



Website: www.domainsbot.com

DomainsBot is a domain search engine that has an “Advanced” search feature so that you can conduct a more customized and refined search. For example, you can set the maximum domain character length to eliminate lengthy domain-names from the results or exclude domain results that have a hyphen (-).



Website: www.dnscoop.com

dnScoop tries to estimate the value of a particular domain based on several statistics such as site traffic, links pointing to the domain, and other factors. This will help you gain some insight on the value of a particular domain-name in case the name you really want is “for sale” and you want to see if the asking price is fair, or to make an offer to a site owner that owns the website anme you really want.



Website: http://dyyo.com/

It’s common practice to keep domain-names as short as possible so that it can be quickly typed and also so that they’re easier to remember. dyyo.com specializes in helping you find 4-letter domain-names to keep your URLs terse.


Ajax Whois

Website: www.ajaxwhois.org

Ajax Whois is a simple Ajax-based domain search that makes domain-name-hunting effortless and rapid. To make your searches even faster, they have a set of useful keyboard shortcuts to satisfy the power user in you.

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