Dental Cleanings make Your Teeth Shining White

Foods, hectic lifestyle, improper oral health etc. are the main reasons why you suffer dental problems. Stained teeth, gingivitis, gum problems, tooth decay and others are the diseases that you might develop if you have bad oral health practices. Brushing teeth twice daily is the common habit that everyone needs to adopt. If you fail to do so, the food blocked in the teeth can cause tooth decay. Tooth cleaning is the most viable option in this case.

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Dental Cleaning: Process and Types

The process of dental cleaning is performed to remove tartar or hard deposits from the tooth to make it shining white again. Before you jump to the conclusion that you need to get your teeth cleaned, know the reasons why this is done. There are three kinds of patients who are the candidates for dental…

  • People who never compromise on the oral habits like flossing, check-ups, brushing, cleanings etc. They get the yearly appointments and buy dental cleaning supplemental products like whiteners, fluoride rinses etc.
  • People who have healthy but irregular oral habits routine fall in this category. They carry on with brushing, cleaning, flossing and dentists visits but not on a regular basis.
  • People who have the least idea of how important oral health is for them. They don’t know that their oral health is responsible for their overall health. Brushing isn’t a regular practice for them. Visit to dentists is of least priority to them.

The type of dental cleaning which the dentist will suggest depends on the category you fall into. Here are the types of dental cleanings.

Root Planing and Deep Scaling

This is one of the most far reaching and painful dental cleanings. When a patient suffers pocketing, bone loss or mineral deposits fuse deep in root surface, the root planing or deep scaling is done. The advanced or moderate condition of gum diseases is treated with this type of dental cleaning. The patient is administered anesthesia and then the procedure is carried out. In this, the mouth is divided into four parts and one part is cleaned in one time. Follow up visits to dentists is continued until tissue restores to normal.

Superficial Polish and Cleaning

This is usual cleaning process in which stains and other deposits are removed from the tooth surface that is above the gum line. A prophy jet or ultrasonic instrument is used in this type of cleaning.

Extensive Debridement Cleaning

This type of cleaning is done when the patient has not got his teeth cleaned yearly. Also, if the gum line fused with roots and tooth has excessive deposits of minerals and calcium, the extensive debridement cleaning is performed. Hand instruments and ultrasonic scaler are used to do this type of cleaning. Superficial polish and cleaning follow this process.

Routine Periodontal Cleaning

The routine periodontal cleaning is done to maintain teeth in good condition and is done in three to six months time gap. But the patients who have been diagnosed with the periodontal disease are the right candidates for this cleaning. In this disease, there is excessive damage to gum tissue and bone loss. Periodontist does scale root planing to prevent tooth loss. Also, the patients who have developed excessive calculus and plaque undergo this type of cleaning.

Bi-Annual Normal Routine Cleaning

If you want to maintain your teeth in good health, go for this type of cleaning after every six months. This time interval may be three months if the patient builds up plaque faster than others. Hand instruments are used to clean tooth above and below the gum line to remove deposits. Polish and superficial cleaning follow this cleaning.

The process of dental cleaning is necessary when deposits are in excess on your teeth and gum line. In time treatment is necessary, if you want to prevent gum diseases and maintain your teeth shining white. Don’t dread the dentist; visit an experienced dentist at regular intervals and maintain good oral health.

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