How to Hire a Good Manager

You are running a successful business and planning to hire a manager who can be helpful for your organization. You have started the selection process and got hundreds of resume. After short-listing candidates for the interview, you are wondering how to judge that the person sitting before you can be a good manager.

Following are few important attributes that you should look into

1. Motivation: The manager should not require constant reminder for you to do the job. He must be self-motivated. You may want to hire a person who had deep knowledge of your business area.

2. Customer Oriented: Whatever the type of your business may be, it is better to hire a manager who knows how to engage effectively with customers. It is true that manager is not expected to handle customers and clients on daily basis, but if a problem arises then it will be his responsibility to handle the situation in a professional manner. A good manager has the ability to make even a difficult customer happy by just a short chat.

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3. Integrity: Read the person during the interview stage itself. Do you think that you are going to trust this person? It may seem tough for you to judge someone’s integrity at the interview stage itself, but it is important.

4. Team Player: It is one of the most sought after traits of a good manager. You may want to hire a manager who can lead your whole team along the goal of your company. You may consider a person who is deeply interested in the growth of your business, not to his own career.

5. Ability to handle conflict: You manager will have to work as a liaison between people in your organization. In many cases, he will be required to serve as a mediator. Hence it is imperative to check whether the person is apt in handling conflict or not. You may want a person who is able to recognize problems in the initial stage and nip them in the bud.

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6. Domain Knowledge: The manager that you are going to choose should be well versed with your industry. He must be a person who has command in all details of your industry. He will have to handle almost all questions of your customers, clients, and regulators. You will definitely give training to the manager, but your first choice must be someone who already has expertise in your domain of business.

7. Dependable: Is the person dependable, punctual, loves and shows passion for the work? Can he stay solidly with you in the case of any business emergency? Can you count the person with you on all business related issues? Look for these questions during interview stage itself.

8. Stress management technique: You must check whether your manager can manage stress effectively or not. Your manager will require handling lots of stress at some point of time. You may want to hire a person as a manager who will remain calm despite the unbearable stress. Only a calm manager can motivate your staffs to give their best.

9. Leadership Skills: You want to hire a manager who shows exemplary leadership skills. You can scan his resume and ask questions that can show this quality. Leadership skills are not easy to define as it involves lots of traits. You must have the capability to recognize a leader from the crowd.

10. Optimistic: You want a manager who is optimistic and has a very positive outlook. You can ask some questions about his past work experience to gain knowledge about his attitude. Manager with optimism for your business will help you grow.

These are some attributes which you must look into the person during the personal interview.

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