How to Secure a Network: Beginner Guide

With the increasing number of wireless devices, more people are now switching to Wi-Fi connectivity. Not only PC or laptop, now smart phones, tablets, and other wireless devices are coming with several functions, which you can use with the internet connection. Thus, more people are now using a wireless network in their home and offices, but is it secure!

The question is obvious as if it is not safe then anyone can use your network and what he can do, no need to say. You have only one choice make your security higher.

What to secure in the computer network?

IP Address

Understand your router’s settings properly to make it secure. You could access setting via browser with some while with others you need to install programs from their provided software.

If you are accessing via the web browser then you need to use IP address of the device that has been assigned to your router. Most of the times you can find the IP address in your router instructions. It could be formed any one of the four groups of up to three number in the format, for example, the other hand, may you find some common one such as… D-Link, Netgear, Sitecom, Linksys 3Com, Dell, D-Link, ASUS, Telnet, Linksys Ambit

You could also get the IP address on the bottom of the device.

Password Access

During your first access, when you would enter IP address into the web browser, next you need to enter username and password. You can find it in the instruction manual, and you can easily change it later, to make your router secure from other threats. Most commonly, routers use password admin 1234, etc. and hackers try to use first these default passwords to hack your system.

Securing Wireless Passwords

Using default password is not safe and your network is at risk. It is essential to change the default password of your device to secure home computer network. An even router that is provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) comes with a generic password. You must encrypt your wireless connection or passkey encryption would help you to make your network safe. Better to use advanced devices that come with WPA or WPA2, which is a more secure ware of encryption.

Change Network Name

Always change your network name, as the default name allows hackers to guess your password easily. When you change the network name it would make their task much difficult. You can easily do this with router settings, there you would get the option to rename wireless network name or SSID.

Computer Network Firewalls

Every device comes with firewall protection, and now you can buy routers with firewall protection as well. Switch on your firewall to give your network higher protection from hackers. The thumb rule is – some software needs to be specifically authorized through the firewall.

By following above given simple tips you would be able to secure your network from several threats and hackers.

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