Is 2020 a worst year!

Everyone is saying that 2020 is worst year…..

What do you think – Is 2020 a worst year? Or we are making it worst?

Yes, we are also included to make this year worst. Now you would ask how?

I’ll tell you how…Because we are also responsible for the situation, government has set some rules to follow during the Covid-19 situation. These rules are made for us and our safety.

So how can we blame only government that they are not doing right! Government is not going to do everything for us.

We are not following social distancing.

We are not using masks.

We are roaming here and there.

We are thinking that we are now free to do things, as we are doing before this pandemic after the government announces unlock.

We are unable to understand the situation, and without any data we can’t take the right decision – what is good and what is bad for us.

We are proving that humans can destroy everything, even his own life.

Shocking hai right!

And then we’ll say that……..Bharat mahan hai….. Jai bharat…Bharat is not great……

We together make the Bharat great and if we want that Bharat will always be great. Then we have to save it, we have to save our country.

Let’s make India independent together.

Say no to Chinese products, Boycott China and Chinese product.

2020 is not the worst year it is revealing the truth of everyone.

Let’s take it in positive way and thanks this year for showing the truth of each and every Citizens of India……..

Jai hind! Jai Bharat!

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