LEGO Quest & Collect: Nexon Mobile Role-Playing-Game launched in Korea and the Asia regions

Nexon Corp. released the mobile role-playing game (RPG) “LEGO Quest & Collect” in Korea and the Asia region on the 13th. “LEGO Quest & Collect”, which focuses on the internationally treasured LEGO brand and themes, is developed by Nexon in partnership with TT Games and The LEGO Group.


The amazing part of the game is – players can build their own collection of LEGO Minifigures and playsets from multiple LEGO product ranges including: LEGO CITY, LEGO MINIFIGURES, LEGO NINJAGO, LEGO CASTLE, LEGO PIRATES and more.


The Unreal 4 engine was used to create “Brick World,” a world filled with LEGO Bricks, which will be loved by all LEGO fans. The game contains many action-packed quests over a variety of unique stages where heroes can team up to save Brick World from the evil “Mad Creator”, who is trying to conquer it by stealing the “Master Brick”.


“LEGO Quest & Collect” was released in Korea and 14 other Asian countries including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia (China and Japan excluded) on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. It supports five languages.

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