NETGEAR brings Two Dual-Band Wi-Fi Routers

NETGEAR Inc. introduced R6080 & R6120, two incredibly fast Dual Band AC1000 & AC1200 Wi-Fi routers for a home that delivers Wi-Fi speeds up to 700mbps and 900mbps, respectively. Providing Wi-Fi access that is 3x faster than routers using 802.11n technology, the state of art routers deliver the speed and reliability needed by users for HD streaming and online gaming through a secure and reliable connection to the Internet. NETGEAR genie app, available on both routers, enables users to easily setup, monitor, share & stream music or videos, diagnose & repair network issues and set up parental controls on the home network from any iPhone, iPad or any Android device.

Features of NETGEAR R6080 & R6120 Dual band Wi-Fi Routers home users can benefit from:

· Up to 3x Improved Speed – Speed makes video streaming better and online gaming more fun

· Extended Wi-Fi range – Homes come in all shapes and sizes. Both Dual Band Wi-Fi routers provide connectivity throughout the home for all Internet-enabled devices

· Reliable Connections – Dual Band Wi-Fi provides two separate Wi-Fi networks—2.4GHz for legacy devices and 5GHz, which is less interference prone, for media streaming

· Ease of use & Control – With NETGEAR genie app users can easily setup the router, add more devices, monitor, connect & control the home network from any iPhone, iPad or Android device. User can also share & stream music or videos, diagnose & repair network issues, set up parental controls & more

· Security- Both routers offer high-level WPA/WPA2 security and secure connections. Upon detection, guest devices are automatically directed to access a separate Wi-Fi network so they do not have access to the home network or to the shared USB hard drive containing the host’s personal data

· Applications- Dual Band Wi-Fi Routers create a powerful home network for applications such as lag-free multiple HD streaming, multi-player online gaming, ultra-fast, reliable connection to the Internet and a secure wireless connection

· READYSHARE USB Access – Available only on NETGEAR R6120, the READYSHARE USB ACCESS allows users to find photos, videos, and music stored on a shared USB hard drive and enjoy them on a DLNA TV or share them with others wirelessly via one USB 2.0 port.

NETGEAR genie App— Home Networking Control Simplified
• Network Map—Allow or block access to your network using real-time map of connected devices
• Traffic Meter—Track your Internet data usage
• MyMedia—Find & play media files in your network
• EZ Mobile Connect—Scan QR code to connect to your home network

Pricing and Availability
The NETGEAR R6080 & R6120, Dual Band AC1000 and AC1200 Wi-Fi Routers are available in India starting at an MRP of 2700 INR and 3200 INR, respectively. They will become generally available this month through authorized NETGEAR partners and other reseller channels and e-commerce sites. A regional variance may apply to the final pricing for end customers, depending on the reseller and bundled offerings.

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