Sharpen Your Skills to Face New SEO Challenges

Nowadays people are searching for easy ways to optimize their site locally or globally to target their customers. Whether it is a small or established SEO company, all are facing challenges because of regular search engine’s updates. Every SEO person always keeps their ears and eyes wide open for these regular updates so that they can provide better services to their customers. Still, you cannot deny the fact that these updates are creating challenges in front of everyone. Here are some of the challenges and tips to improve your SEO skills.


When it comes to start doing things in a right way, it begins with domain selection. When you are targeting a specific location, it’s better to choose a domain accordingly or go for .com. For example, if you are targeting the UK go for For all these things to be done properly we need a TLD (top level Domain) with right domain extension for each country you are targeting. This is more complicated than one might think. There are many countries which put a condition that you should have a physical business location in the same country before getting an LTD.

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If you are trying to rank the most relevant search result for search engine ‘LTD’ should be considered. If you are searching being in U.S.A on, Google figures better results than


Only a few companies consider hosting as an important factor and they hire unique hosting services, while other just choose any hosting provider.

As per Search Engine Algorithms, they look at host location (IP) of websites to offer the most relevant result for the searcher.

So, you should host your unique LTD in that particular Country. If you are targeting U.S.A. go for .us and host it within U.S.A.

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Content is single and the largest issue I came across until day. If you are going to operate globally then does not waste time and effort to localize your content to country wise… The search engine is devoted to delivering relevant result.


These are few factors mentioned above, and I will come back with rest soon.

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