Tech Highlights of the Day: 13 July 2017

The most awaited ASUS ZenFone AR comes to Indian Market

Today, Asus announces it ZenFone AR smartphone in a conference held in Delhi. The ZenFone AR will be the world’s first smartphone that is both Tango-enabled and Daydream-ready. Tango is a set of sensors and computer-vision software by Google that enables smartphone augmented reality. Daydream is Google’s platform for high-quality, mobile virtual reality and supports Daydream VR apps.


Zenfone AR is also the world-first smartphone with 8GB RAM. It also has 128 GB internal Storage and also supports expandable storage. This breakthrough in size and weight is made by possible the innovative ASUS TriCam system, a three-camera system consisting of a 23MP main camera, motion-tracking camera, and depth-sensing camera

Detailed Specs: Asus Zenfone AR

ASUS ZenFone AR priced at INR 49,999 will be available exclusively on Flipkart.



Extend the reach of your conferences with the Sennheiser SP 220

Sennheiser launched its SP 220, a portable, dual speakerphone solution for Unified Communications that brings clear communications to every conference participant. Designed for fast moving, dynamic workplaces that rely on dependable communications, the flexible, scalable conferencing solution instantly connects via PC, mobile or tablet and is ideal for creating effortless high-quality audio conferences – from small huddle rooms to larger meeting rooms with up to 12 participants.

Sennheiser SP 220

Thanks to unique software, two linked speakerphone units are able to work together seamlessly, ensuring that up to 12 meeting participants can speak naturally. Having the units within arm’s reach of each participant also ensures easy operation of call control functions and a better feeling of participation.

The SP 220 is now available at INR 45,990.



Tata Motors and MAHLE join hands to develop a prototype Secondary Loop Mobile Air Conditioning System on a vehicle

Tata Motors Limited and MAHLE have signed a joint development agreement for designing and developing a Secondary Loop Mobile Air Conditioning System (SL–MAC), under the aegis of United Nations Environment. MAHLE and Tata Motors, along with the Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development (IGSD), which is coordinating the project, received funding for developing the SL-MAC system from the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (CCAC), a global initiative to support fast action and make a difference in the areas of climate, public health, and food and energy security ( This project envisages use and trial of environment-friendly, low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants HF01234yf (ASHRAE A2L) and HFC-152a (ASHRAE A2).



Facebook Messenger Lite comes to India

Facebook Messenger today rolled out the “lite” version of its app – Messenger Lite – in India, in its bid to reach people in emerging markets where mobile internet connections are slow. Messenger Lite is a lightweight, fast and simple version of Messenger that offers the core features of Messenger for markets with slower than average internet speeds and a prevalence of basic Android smartphones.

Facebook Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite offers the same basic functions as Messenger, enabling users to send and receive texts, photos, links, emojis, and stickers. Messenger Lite is under 10MB, so it’s fast to install and quick to start up.

Messenger Lite is a solution for people who don’t have the latest smartphone, but still, want to stay connected to their friends and family.

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