Top 8 Useful Android Apps for your Smartphone

Android market is increasing day by day. Now more people are switching to Smartphone and various Android Apps are attracting lots of customers to choose this over others. From phones to tablets, everywhere you can easily find people using various apps to make their work easier. But, do you know about 8 best Android apps.
Let’s find out top 8 apps for Android devices…

SwiftKey 3

Swiftkey 3

It replaces the on-screen keyboard and adds contextual intelligence to make your typing easier. Using Swiftkey 3 will increase your onscreen typing speed with the award-winning prediction engine. It predicts you next word that lets you write the whole phrase without typing more, as well as it autocorrects errors.


Google NowGoogle Now

It’s a personal assistance provider application for Android users. It is an intelligent application, which can learn from users’ behavioral patterns to serve them according to their location, time and previous day search practices.


Firstly, it was available for only iOS, but soon Flipboard become available for Android users. It’s smart layout makes it easier to use. It collects contents from your social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and then present in a magazine format. This format allows flipping through all channels’ feeds. As well as, you can tailor articles and news with it and check your friends’ recommendations.



PinterestThe application looks similar to the Pinterest website and everything is managed very well. Pinterest is one of the popular social networks where people pin their interest and their friends re-pin them. In the same way, you will be able to follow and pin your interests with this Android application on your smartphone or tablet.

Google Drive

Google DriveWith this application, you can create word documents, excel sheet, etc. on the go, and enjoy 5GB of free cloud storage space to save your important files and documents. Also, you get the option to add more for a little charge. It allows easy access and synching across all devices to avoid any kind of hassle using it.

National Rail Enquiries

National Rail EnquiriesThis is one of the most useful Google Android apps for every frequent train traveler. You can easily get access and real-time information about the train. The innovative application allows users to see timetable, track specific trains, re-planning of journey etc. on the go with your smartphone.


UK Jobs

UK JobsAre you looking for a job change? This Android application will help you to find out relevant job opportunity with over 300,000 jobs online in the UK. The easy to use navigation allows you to search the jobs you want. Also, you can send an email to yourself jobs for applying or viewing online. Search jobs from legal to Manager opportunities in the UK on your phone.


FoursquareIt is a personalized application that let you discover and gain knowledge of great places nearby. More than 30 million people have used this application and searched for great deals, tips, etc. You can easily look for anything from free Wi-Fi to nachos or search for nightlife, foods and more. With the help of application, you can get directions, photos, menus, hours, etc and save your time as well as money.

So, here ends our list, but we want you to share your thoughts and tell us about your favorite apps.

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