Top Seven Places to Spend Your Christmas Holidays

With lots of Christmas wishes, I would like to share something with you. I was planning my holidays for 2016 Christmas and was a bit confused. I discussed with several friends and researched over the internet for the best place, where I can enjoy Christmas Eve. It took lots of time, so I thought to share my research with you guys to save your time. This will help you to decide where you can go for holidays this December.

Top Seven Places

Reykjavik, Iceland

Want to enjoy a great holiday at the place where 13 Santas are going to come to celebrate Christmas Eve? Reykjavik, Iceland is the place where you can enjoy bonfire and fireworks on both New Year’s Eve and the Twelfth Night.

Reykjavik Iceland

It is popular for its weekend nightlife because Icelanders usually go outside late night so you can easily find a bar open till late night. The Iceland is filled with 100 different clubs and bars in Reykjavík.

Nuremberg, Germany

Yearly more than two million visitors come to this place. You can enjoy shopping from the dazzling Nuremberg Christmas market. It is a German institution where over 180 wooden stalls sell handmade nativity ornaments.

Nuremberg Germany

You can enjoy sticky buns and fritters and your children will love to spend their time in the Toy Museum and elders can spend their time at the German Railway Museum.

Sydney, Australia

Throughout December, the temperature in Australia hits around 25 Celsius and Christmas occurs in the middle of summer, and it makes Sydney the best place to enjoy holidays.

Sydney, Australia

At the Christmas Eve you can enjoy several Christmas community events, also you can spend quality time with local and international artists, and Aussie barbecues.

Verona, Italy

During the Christmas fair, the Romeo and Juliet’s hometown transforms into culture fest. Enjoy the fireworks at the castle of Arco and brightly lit Lake Garda. Throughout the December and January, you can enjoy shopping at markets, visit the exhibition and get pleasure from theater performances and concert.

Verona, Italy

With lots of jugglers, clowns and wizard entertaining guests, the castle of Malcesine transform into Santa’s Castle.


Want to meet Santa, and then plan to visit London this year. You will find several Santa grottos across the city. Experience conventional Santa’s lap with theoretical experience to a time traveling journey.


There are several World Heritage Sites to visit such as the site comprising the Palace of Westminster, Kew Gardens, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St Margaret’s Church and more.

New York City

This list can’t be complete without the New York City. How can you forget the Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree? This tree illuminated with eight kilometers of lights every year. Enjoy ice skating in the Central Park.

New York City

Let your family enjoy the beautiful evening in the bright Christmas city.

Mouans-Sartoux, France

Spend your night at one of the oldest fairs of its kind. Enjoy the Christmas Eve with your favorite angles and the baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, shepherds as well as enjoy the street performance and many other activities.

Mouans-Sartoux France

You will be able to spend your holidays with over 20 santonniers displaying thousands of santons, Christmas tree ornaments, and books.

So, after reading this, I am sure you have decided where you want to go this year. Once you come back then don’t forget to share your experience with me.

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