Why most of Websites fail? Fix Common Website Design Errors

Whether you are a business person or a blogger, every website owner either wants to make money or serve the social cause. However, most of the people fail to impress visitors and earn a ranking in the search engine because of small errors in website design. Even developers do such mistakes while designing your website. You can find out and fix those errors, but first, you need to know about them…

Common Website Errors

Excessive Use of Graphics and Animation – Graphics actually can attract many eyes, but excessive use is not good for any website. Remember lots of graphics or animation can slow down website loading time. You need to consider your website aim first and then use some graphics which are related to your website theme. Most of the people hire a designer and ask him/her to design a webpage.

Designers follow the instruction of website owner but few good professionals discuss every bit of design and explain the problems of using lots of graphical images or animations.

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Focus on Customers or Visitors – Without visitors or customers, you can’t make money. You need to keep in mind what problem or requirements your visitors could have. Plan your website design accordingly and make every process simple for them, so that even a small baby can navigate your website easily. Ask your designer and developer to keep this in mind.

Comprehensive Layout – Your website should look clean, clear and readable, don’t mess everything on one page. Make a fine layout of your website and make it simple to understand. Websites with lots of unmanaged or messed content can’t be user-friendly. Most of the visitors can leave you just because of lots of mess.

Be Updated – Whether you are selling products or providing services or it’s your blogging site, people always look for updates. If you are selling anything always update your website with latest products and follow trends. In the same way, update information with latest research or development. People will find it worth to stay, and you will make money.

Highlight Important – Highlight those product, service or information which can grab the attention of visitors easily. Use eye-pleasing color combination and highlight page elements. This way your visitors will come to know about your other services or latest update.

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FAQ and Contact Page – Web sites without FAQs or contact pages annoy visitors. It might possibly a visitor has some questions, so he/she can visit FAQ page or can contact you to find the right answer. In case of non-availability, they can be frustrated. Few websites keep both pages because it’s possible that visitor gets answers of some of his/her questions and can contact for rest, which is the best idea.

Multiple Browser Support – It might possible your website looks good in Firefox but not in Chrome, this called browser compatibility. Your website should be compatible with all browsers because you can’t say who will use which browser. If your website is not opening properly in the browser, which visitor is using then you will lose one potential customer. In many cases, people check compatibility for one or two browsers, but it is advisable to check in more than two or can check in five browsers for the best results.

Balance your Website – Maintaining balance is important for every site. If you are using one large image on your web page then maintain the balance of other elements. You cannot hide other elements available on the page; you need to take care of their presence. And it’s not only for images, whatever element you are using, should care for others.

Keeping above given points in mind would help you to develop a website that can attract numerous visitor’s eyes easily. You will get lots of traffic and at the end, you will be able to earn healthy money, which is your ultimate goal.

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