The World’s Biggest Curved Monitor by Samsung

Samsung India announced the world’s biggest curved monitor in India. The 49” ultra-wide curved monitor makes life easier for working professionals and gaming enthusiasts, alike.

Samsung Curved Monitor 2At 49 inches, 32:9 super ultra-wide curved, the QLED Monitor is pushing boundaries as the widest monitor available today. It gives users the opportunity to enjoy a completely bezel-free, fluid and fast-paced field of view, unmatched by any other monitor in the segment. Optimised for staid professionals, it offers a large screen combined with stunning picture quality and burn in resistance.

Samsung Curved Monitor 3

To make viewing experience highly comfortable, the monitor uses Eye Saver Mode and Flicker Free Technology which enhances eye comfort – perfect for professionals who need to spend long hours at their workstations every day. The Monitor’s Eye Saver Mode obstructs Blue light wavelengths that stimulate the retina more than what any other color does, thereby reducing eye-fatigue.

Samsung Curved Monitor Lifestyle 1

The ‘Easy Setting Box S/W’ application on the desktop lets user partition the screen into displays of various sizes and functional configurations for smarter multitasking. Other features include increased speed, finer control and multiple input ports that make it easier to connect the display with any device.

Its quantum dot technology takes the monitor experience to the next level with advancements in light efficiency, stability and a wider color spectrum. With new metal alloy quantum dots, the QLED monitor addresses all major aspects of picture quality, including color volume, brightness, bold contrast and viewing angle.

Samsung Curved Monitor Lifestyle 2

The monitor packs in High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology which offers greater contrast, spectacular depth and range to the color, allowing dark areas to appear darker and light areas to appear brighter. It also provides an impressive motion picture response time coupled with low input lag, i.e., how fast the screen responds to commands, thereby reducing eye strain and preventing “ghosting”.

The monitor is available at INR 150,000 on Samsung Shop and will soon be made available at all leading retail outlets.

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