Zebronics Max Plus Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for The Gamers

Zebronics announces its advanced version Max Plus, Premium mechanical gaming keyboard that integrates the industry leading technology and quality construction in an exclusively crafted design to provide a peak performance. The Zebronics Max Plus mechanical keyboard features suspended keycaps and keys with double injection for durability and a smooth and better gaming experience.

Packing the best of Zebronics, the keyboard boasts a host of features exclusively designed for Gamers. Beneath the suspended keycaps, the multicolor LED backlights vibrantly illuminate each key with 3 adjusting brightness levels for 7 customisation modes. The keyboard with high quality blue mechanical switches offers faster and near-instant responsiveness with 12 dedicated multimedia keys. The mechanical keys ensure that the for each key actuation you get tactile feedback as well as audible sound from the keys. The construction of keyboard is also very heavy and sturdy, this will make sure that keyboard will not move even while the most intense gaming sessions.

The keyboard is designed keeping in mind the pure performance. Every aspect of keyboard – from the elementary details, durable braided cable for intensive use, to the most complex details, including advanced LED backlighting and ultra-fast, ultra-durable mechanical switches with double injection is precisely engineered. The Max+ keyboard is very latest in premium gaming keyboard technologies to redefine what gamers can expect from a high-end keyboard.

The Max Plus mechanical keyboard is now redesigned from ground-up with all these features including dynamic multi color backlight with brightness adjusting technology that rightly offers a dramatic animation and dazzling pre-set lighting effects.

Speaking on the launch of Zebronics Mechanical Keyboard Max plus, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics says, “Max Plus is the level II for the ultimate gaming experience. It is a culmination of advanced performance and technology designed for gamers with a redefined sense of style and sophistication. Along with Max Plus we have series of products in pipeline exclusively for Gaming, Keep watching this space for more”

The Zebronics Mechanical Keyboard – Max Plus, priced at Rs. 2999/- is available immediately at the authorized networks of retailers and distributors, backed by 1 year of warranty.

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